Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tennis at the beach is a big theme for me. This year at spring break my niece Gillian and I were looking for some public courts in our part of the Outer Banks suitable for hitting a few balls. Hard to find in Dare County, as it turns out.

The only public courts that I could find are on the grounds of the county rec center on Mustian Street in Kill Devil Hills. Here's a map. If you are driving on the bypass, it's kind of behind the shopping center where the Duck Donuts is in KDH.

There are four unlighted courts and a back board. The courts are in pretty good shape.

Have fun!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Foggy blue skies

Beach Realty has been posting some very nice pictures from their Facebook page. This one shows a great view of the Wright Memorial Bridge, gateway to the Outer Banks, on a glorious day in January that combined sunshine and fog.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tennis with Rick Ostlund at Pine Island Racquet Club

I hit some tennis today with Rick Ostlund, the wonderful pro at Pine Island Racquet and Fitness in north Duck. It's a great place to get some tennis in when you are down here, especially if you don't know any local tennis players. The club is open year-round.

The club is associated with the Sanderling, but anyone can play there.  In the summertime, Rick runs lots of drop-in clinics for intermediate players, beginners and kids. I bring my nieces every summer. The kids clinics are super fun and Rick is a great teacher.

The club is about 3 miles north of the Sanderling on the sound side of the road, across from the Hampton Inn. There is a full gym there too, but the tennis is the draw for me. There are three indoor courts -- a godsend in the summer, and a couple of Har-Tru clay courts outdoors (I have never played on those.) Prices are very reasonable, especially for the clinics. In the summer, there is usually early morning Cardio Tennis a couple of times a week as well. 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring cleaning!

It's the first visit of the new year to the Outer Banks, and what a gorgeous day to arrive. 75 degrees this afternoon and sun all up and down the beach.

I am here to spring clean the house this week and get it ready for the rental season. I talked to a yard guy today about keeping the grass under control for me, and he said he's got 15 guys working every day getting houses and commercial property ready. No matter what, it seems, folks are going to take a vacation this year, and plenty of them are going to head to the Outer Banks.

I wonder what the restaurants are doing to strategize about serving families in this nasty economy. A bunch of folks down here I talked to at the end of the year said that the convential wisdom is that people will still come to the beach, but maybe not go out to eat as much, just cook at the house and chill.

What's interesting to me is that so many of the modestly priced places down here seem to do well no matter what.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

An early Thanksgiving post: Lovely day in Kitty Hawk

Near 60 degrees here today. Just got to the beach with mom after arriving in Norfolk from San Francisco Saturday night.

For all of the economic woes, there is still a sense of fun and energy about Thanksgiving at the beach. The bypass is still busy with cars.  You get here and you just can't help but feel happy.

We immediately drove to Mama Kwan's to pick up a couple of tuna wraps (awesome) for lunch and the joint was jumping. Driving back to the 3.5 Mp from there we passed two major commercial construction projects.

The Outer Banks is such an amazing part of the world...downturns come, and this one will go. And this place will stay as beautiful and vibrant as ever.

Tomorrow I will find a Thanksgiving picture of some kind to post...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Studying the wild Corolla horses

Have you ever been lucky enough to see the beautiful wild horses on Corolla? The Va. Pilot has a good story about a study of the herd ...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Duck Donuts: Awesome, so I am told


My brother and mother swear by Duck Donuts. Absolutely fresh and dipped in whatever you like before your very eyes. Me, I don't eat 'em!
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