Monday, November 24, 2008

An early Thanksgiving post: Lovely day in Kitty Hawk

Near 60 degrees here today. Just got to the beach with mom after arriving in Norfolk from San Francisco Saturday night.

For all of the economic woes, there is still a sense of fun and energy about Thanksgiving at the beach. The bypass is still busy with cars.  You get here and you just can't help but feel happy.

We immediately drove to Mama Kwan's to pick up a couple of tuna wraps (awesome) for lunch and the joint was jumping. Driving back to the 3.5 Mp from there we passed two major commercial construction projects.

The Outer Banks is such an amazing part of the world...downturns come, and this one will go. And this place will stay as beautiful and vibrant as ever.

Tomorrow I will find a Thanksgiving picture of some kind to post...

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