Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of fall, in Kitty Hawk

Amazing to be here on the first day of fall. It's been a windy week; you can feel the change of pace setting in.

I am here with my mom. My friends Alison and Lisa and Connie came down for a couple of days. We had lunch -- takeout -- from Mama Kwan's and Pigman. They all loved the Mama Kwan's fresh tuna wrap as much as I do (you will dream about it when you are away from the Outer Banks). And they really liked Pigman barbecue too -- yum.

The beginning of fall is amazing here. If you walk on the beach after 5 it is mostly just you and the ocean. Today there was just one guy in the water, kite surfing. The wind lifted him up and over the waves. At points he achieved lift off and was actually airborne.

So cool.

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